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About Etman

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Started since 1990, with headquartered in Norway, listed in 2007, We are the R&D and manufacturing base of Etman Group in China.

The company focuses on the R&D and manufacturing of electrical products and lighting products in the field of 

construction and installation, and is committed to providing high-quality products and overall solutions for professional users.

We provide products in the electrical field, including electrical materials, electronic products, and lighting products, 

to various channels such as professional, DIY, and industrial.Since the establishment of the brand, Etman has always taken science 

and technology, safety and energy saving as its own responsibility.

Products are used in different channels such as Integrated wiring, home improvement, large manufacturers, supermarket retail and 

other traditional electrician and intelligent electrician fields.

Today's Etman, in Northern Europe and China, has 4 marketing companies, 13 brand direct stores, nearly 1,000 employees, and scales 

all over North Europe and China.

 Tel:400-110-5599
         +86 519 68868277
 No. 6 Miaoban Road, Lijia Town, Wujin District, Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province

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Norway: www.etman.no
Lithuania: www.egant.no
Sweden: www.etman.se
Finland: www.etman.fi
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